138 Grandview Avenue
Catskill, NY 12414

Monday through Friday 9-5

Closed Saturday and Sunday

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History of Hillcrest Press --

Hillcrest Press was started in 1973 by Robert & Carol Goodling and Robert and Virginia Quackenbush. Both couples worked part-time and printing was done out of the Goodling garage in Hannacroix, NY.  In 1978 Quackenbush sold out to Goodling who was by then running a full time operation out of a facility on the same property in Hannacroix. The business grew steadily and was capable of producing all printed material from business cards and office forms to full color brochures and booklets. Over the next several years additional building space was added to the same location, and press and computer capabilities were expanded. In 1994 Hillcrest Press increased its ability to service its customers by purchasing E&G Press on Hill St. in Catskill. This provided a central location in the county seat to facilitate walk-in traffic. In 2001 Nathan and Christie (Goodling) French purchased Hillcrest Press and E&G Press from Robert and Carol Goodling who retired to the beautiful Adirondack Park area. Now in the second generation Hillcrest began another period of growth and expansion. The largest growth came with the purchase of Catskill Enterprise Printing on Grandview Avenue in Catskill. Catskill Enterprise Printing was originally a weekly newspaper started in 1898 by Frank A. Gallt. It expanded to “job printing” in 1943 when son Raymond took over and became solely a job print shop in 1961 when the newspaper was discontinued.  In 1971 Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Gibson purchased the business. Gordon Gibson ran the print shop until 1998 when he retired and sold to Mark and Darlene  Westinghouse who operated it until 2001 when they sold to the French’s. In January 2001 the office located on Hill Street was moved into the larger office area on Grandview Avenue and soon afterward all printing operations were moved there too. The office on Grandview Ave. serves as a central location offering high speed black and white or color copies of varying sizes and formats as well as print ordering and production. Hillcrest Press has a long history of quality printing by a family of professional business people who have shown a great interest in the betterment of Greene County and the adherence to the highest business ethics and principals. As the current owners, we are striving to continue to uphold the quality printing as well as the continued growth of Greene County. We are proud of our history and excited about continuing a commitment to the growth of our community and our business.